[Three by Five] 12. Please Kill Me

  Pedro Paramo is the book I’ve most given away. It's a thin, easy to read, very influential novel. It will haunt you. The second book I've most given away is Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain's Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. Through a series of alternating interviews, PKM traces the history of punk. From … Continue reading [Three by Five] 12. Please Kill Me

[Three by Five] 8. Devo

"You're into Devo?" he asked. "Aren't you?" His tone mocking. As if there was something wrong with it. Because for him, Yeah. Devo was too mainstream. Fake alternative. He was above that, and what he thought they stood for. "Of course I am," I answered, thinking, Whatanasshole. "How could you not be?" Because at the time … Continue reading [Three by Five] 8. Devo

[Three by Five] 5. Organism Design. Minecraft Chemistry

Organism or microbe design is an emerging industry. It's analogous to the semi-conductor industry. Companies design and manufacture the semi-conductors found in computers, phones, cars, and televisions. Today, end-users rarely make semi-conductors themselves. They hire the expertise and apply what is manufactured to create a product. Organism design companies are reprograming yeast and bacteria to produce … Continue reading [Three by Five] 5. Organism Design. Minecraft Chemistry

Why You Need a Bio Strategy

Here's a spoken word version of the keynote I gave at Biofabricate 2017. To learn more about why you need a bio strategy, click here.

Three by Five by Eleven.1

I’m starting a new weekly feature. Not to clutter your life -  you can opt out if you’d like - but to document and share the things that influence me during a week. To keep myself focused and brief, I promise to only share what fits on one side of a 3x5 filecard. Why? The … Continue reading Three by Five by Eleven.1

2017: A Year Wraps and Good Riddance

Good Riddance 2017 It was a good year, but not without its challenges. The TL;DR is: mL grew more than 10 percent but is still down from its 2015 high. I co-authored and published What's Your Bio Strategy? I moderated a panel at SynBioBeta SF17 and keynoted at Biofabricate 4 and enjoyed it. I now … Continue reading 2017: A Year Wraps and Good Riddance