Mobile-First Mindset: Mast Mobile Sells Innovation

An application that allows users to have a business and a personal number on one device.

It’s surprising, really. That the common problem of enterprise sales people and freelancers who juggle two phones with different numbers hasn’t been resolved before. Mast Mobile is a mobile carrier that solves that neatly. And for salespeople who must log salescalls into a customer relationship management tool, Mast streamlines calling and enables more comprehensive reporting. It also allows them to reset their work-life balance.

At Monday’s Business Enterprise Meetup in Manhattan, Mast Mobile’s co-founder Peter Lurie, described how the mobilization of the workplace drove the creation of the solution.

According to Lurie, “The traditional [mobile] carriers offer few differentiated services because they are not software companies. This leaves a huge space open for innovation.”

Implications for Life Sciences Marketing?

As a life sciences marketer, I couldn’t help but wonder how a technology like Mast’s could be applied in the biopharmaceutical industry. Perhaps more importantly, how innovation in mobile will serve as one of the transformative forces in healthcare along with digital health and personalized medicine. I’m very closely watching how digital creators are addressing the coming physician shortage, leveraging technology to transform the practice of clinical trials, and how the use of digital tools will transform medicine.

In a followup conversation with Mast’s co-founder David Messenger, we discussed the expansion of the service to include international numbers as well as why marketers in all industries need to quickly adopt a “mobile first” mentality. (David’s written a nice post on Why Isn’t Your Phone Number as Flexible as Your Email.)

My company, messagingLAB, is counseling all our life sciences clients that they need to adopt a mobile first mindset in all communications. What are you doing?

Brooklyn Beetle on Eighth Street

green-june-beetle-by-wolfepaw-on-deviantartAs I walk down the street, a thick, quarter-sized, green metallic beetle swerves in front of me and slows just enough for my left hand to whack her, send her speeding forward five-six feet. She swerves again then changes trajectory, climbing vertically.


NSA Art Project


With the National Security Agency’s new open source face recognition API, take a selfie, upload it to their database and begin searching for your twin(s).

Armed with a series of matches, create photographs and profiles based on available online data and post to your heart’s content.

Bonus points for using genomic information to find your twin(s).