Bio Strategy Book

I am the co-author with John Cumbers, Ph.D., of What’s Your Bio Strategy? a book on the way biotechnology is changing all business.

You may know the last 50 years have been dominated by microprocessors and information technology. But did you know the next 50 years will be dominated by living systems engineered to function as biological machines?

Synthetic biology – the rapidly developing field that makes biology easier to engineer – is quickly transforming industries and changing the rules of business.

What’s Your Bio Strategy? is a collection of interviews with the innovators like George Church (Harvard University), Andras Forgacs (Modern Meadow), Jason Kelly (Ginkgo Bioworks), Andrew Hessel (Autodesk), Suzanne Lee (Biofabricate), Pamela Silver (Harvard University), J. Craig Venter, and many others describing the massive advances making biology easy and accessible.

What I’ve learned: If your business doesn’t include biotechnology, then you’re probably not innovating as hard as you can. Biotechnology already touches your life and it is quickly becoming even more ubiquitous.

Why do you need a bio strategy? Click here to find out.

It’s a great book and I’m really proud of it.