[Three by Five].2 Insight Time. Startup Manual. Impossible Questions

Here’s this week’s 3×5.

like to work in 90 minute blocks of time, often split in sprints of 2×45.

To help focus, I’ll use a timer app: Forest on my phone, Freedom, on my computer, and Insight for meditation.

Of these, I find Forest the most useful and fun. You’re growing a (virtual) tree while you focus. You can choose different species of trees and more unlock over time. My current favorite: stalks of bamboo.

My niece Violeta introduced me and I am forever grateful.

I’ve been a fan of Steve Blank and Bob Dorf’s The Startup Owner’s Manual for a long time. It’s a big book. It’s also full of practical insights (“Get out of the building…”). I’ve recently been referring to it since I’m launching a new business offering. It’s a book that breaks down the Lean Startup process.

Tim Ferriss’ Impossible Questions (email subscription required). There’s 17 of them. I’ve been thinking about these…