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Hi, I’m Karl Schmieder, MS/MFA, author, strategic advisor to and consultant for life science companies, and founder of messagingLAB. I am co-author, with John Cumbers, of What’s Your Bio Strategy? a book that explores the impact of synthetic biology on all industries.

I help life sciences companies tell better stories to attract investors, customers and partners, and serve as a business coach.

I work with companies that are enabling clinical research, biotechnology, and synthetic biology. I help leadership teams define a clear, effective story strategy to drive success in fundraising, sales, marketing, product, recruiting, and thought leadership.

I ensure fundraising pitches, sales decks, recruiting, training, product roadmaps and all marketing collateral support a high-level, thought leadership-defining story.

I also help executives understand the impact of the “biotechnology is technology” revolution and coach a limited number of executives to improve productivity, results, and success.

I have been lucky to work with life sciences companies that range from two-man startups to Fortune 10, including, Agricen, Aventix, Cegedim, Genentech, GenScript, IMSHealth, INC Research, inVentiv Health, Medikly, PAREXEL, Pfizer, and XDx among many others.

Articles I’ve written have appeared in The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, Life Science Leader, The New Censorship, Outsourced PharmaThe Silicon Alley Reporter, Unsound, and elsewhere. I am also the author of two small books – Three Pool Rhumba (fiction) and Asmus Tietchens.

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A Few More Things About Me

  • I grew up in Ventura, California and Panama (Central America) and live in Brooklyn with rockstar-of-an-art-teacher Kristen Adamczyk and our three sons, Alejandro, Tomás, and Felix.
  • I was a competing amateur skateboarding and was on a Swiss skateboard team. I bodyboard, hike in the Adirondacks, cross-country ski, and listen to music when I can.
  • I’ve written about bioentrepreneurship (What Does it Take to Succeed as a Bio-Entrepreneur?), synthetic biology (Four Perspectives on Business Model Evolution in Synthetic Biology), clinical supply chain (Can Improving Communications And Collaboration Secure Your Global Supply Chain?), and innovation in clinical research organizations.
  • I’m working on a novel about kids bio-engineering dragons. It’s called The Burns Dragon and it kicks ass. Stay tuned.
  • Though I rarely publish fiction these days, my short fiction has been published by Bombay Gin, ilato Press, and The New Censorship, among others. I am also the author of a collection of short fiction called, Three Pool RhumbaI have also written several unpublished novels and unproduced screenplays.
  • Over the years, I have interviewed and published interviews of some of the most exciting pioneering musicians on the planet — Akufen, Alex Empire, Asmus Tietchens, Blixa Bargeld, Christoph Heemann, Cosey Fanni Tutti, F.M. Einheit, Les Paul, and Wolfgang Mueller; a few very interesting authors, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Kathy Acker, Keith Abbott; and, more than a few biotech/medtech entrepreneurs changing the world for the better, including Christina Agapakis, George Church, Andrew Hessell, Suzanne Lee, Rino Rappouli, Craig Venter, Stan Yakatan, among many others. Many appear in my book, What’s Your Bio Strategy?
  • I was lucky enough to make a guest appearance on a Frank Dommert/HNAS collaboration, which ended up as a bonus track on HNAS’ Melchior (Aufmarsch Der Schlampen).

Have a question or want to learn more?

Contact me at karl@messaginglab.com or 646.233.3188.