Review: The True Meaning of Smekday

This would be the cover of Smekday
What is Smekday? Read and find out.

Here’s Gratuity “Tip” Tucci and the invading alien Boov, J.Lo, traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida then Arizona in a floating hatchback called “Slushious” with a cat named “Pig.”

Wait. That’s a lot of information. What’s Smekday?

The True Meaning of Smekday is a 400-page tour de hilarious force aimed at middle grade readers (9 to 12). I would call Smekday, the 21st Century’s first fitting tribute to Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Wise beyond her years, Gratuity is a fantastic narrator, cracking wise throughout the book, and explaining mysteries along the way. For example, Why do cats love the aliens? What really happened in Roswell? Should we really trust the powers-that-be? And why do those abducted by aliens come back sporting weird moles?

This would be the picture of Slushious
One hatchback + Slushy machine Parts + Boov engineering = Slushious

Adam Rex did a tremendous job with this book and I would recommend it not only to middle-schoolers with an interest in science fiction, but anyone who wants to read a very, very funny story about aliens that takes several amazing turns.

While my son Alejandro was reading it, he pointed out the word “asphyxiation” was used repeatedly. He wasn’t sure what it meant, so I sent him to the dictionary, and then he laughed at the tale of the Boov moving from the sea to land.

This would be types of Boov, duh.
What does a Boov look like? Kinda like a garbage can with arms.

Oh yeah, so what exactly is Smekday? It’s the day (previously known as Christmas) the aliens land on Earth and named their discovery after Captain Smek.

Want to learn more about Smekday, why not surf on over to the Smekday web site where you will learn:

In 2013, the Boov invaded and life on Earth changed. It is the goal of the National Time Capsule Project to provide a record of this time in America’s history forever.

 Shout out to author E.C. Meyers for forever changing my life by introducing me to this book.

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