Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

A group of three middle-aged best friends whose lives didn’t turn out as expected. A friend who spends all his time online. A ski resort that has seenbetter days. A hot tub, a squirrel, vodka, and an illegal energy drink. These are the elements that transport these four guys back to the eighties when their lives were simpler.

Hot Tub Time Machine had me laughing. It’s full of raunchy jokes. Makes tons of references to the 1980s. And plays off the idea that changing the past allows you to change the future – find a new love, learn to stand up for yourself, find your own mojo, and make sure you really do exist.

There were a couple of times when my interest waned but the concept of time travel using a hot tub, plus the changes in the future were pretty happening.

BTW, it’s going to be over most kids’ heads.