SF+F OWW: Columbus Circle of Time is an Editor’s Choice

I am proud to say the first four chapters of The Columbus Circle of Time were chosen as an Editor’s Choice on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writer’s Workshop. When I heard at the end of last month, I couldn’t believe it but when the review came in I couldn’t stop smiling.

Here’s a few excerpts from Karin Lowachee‘s review:

This month’s EC shows a strong beginning that launches right into the action, and immediately tells the reader that this is a fantastical story: the game, the Aztec calendar, the jumping around time. There are exotic locations, an interesting culture, and a lot of the Spanish language. The Aztec mysticism lends itself to fantasy and science fiction both.

Salvador Dali’s The Dream of Christopher Columbus (1959)


The dynamic between parents and children is wonderful – Sofia and Isabel, Cristobal and Diego. You want authenticity and too often parents are absent from kidlit or are portrayed in a negative light. Here there is a realistic affection and the adults don’t talk down to the children. Sofia’s relationship with her kids reads very modern, but still sweet; Cristobal’s with Diego feels affectionate but with a realistic divide of understanding that happens between an adult and a child. The children themselves have a great authenticity to them, from Grade 9 aged Isabel to 6th Grade Diego. This is important, because nothing will make a kid put down a book faster than reading about protagonists that they can’t identify with. There isn’t a strong sense of adult authorial intrusion on the kids’ personalities, which sometimes happens in YA or middle grade literature.

Karen’s review also provided me a ton of very constructive feedback that will be useful as I launch into Draft 5 and begin the marketing of the book.

Thanks Karen. And thanks Eugene for getting me onto SF-F OWW.