Things That Influenced Me This Week – March

Genetic Engineering News – I am a subscriber to a couple of dead-tree magazines: Biotechniques Billboard, The Redbulletin, Response, and Genetic Engineering News. I typically devour every issue the same way I used to devour Skateboarder when I was 13 or 14. I’ve re-read the article on CRISPRs a new way of editing genes at least three times and have started a list of possible applications.

The Frank Kern CONVERT and Benny Lewis FLUENT IN 3 MONTHS product launches. I love online product launches. I’ve been a student of these launches and love watching my email box fill with emails from lists I’ve subscribed and everyone is hawking the same products hoping to make their affiliate (marketing) dollars. Last week, it was the Mike Filsame Webinar Jam launch; this week it’s Kern and Lewis. Makes me think there a product launch mafia. The life sciences industry could learn a thing or two from the techniques and efficiencies gained by these marketers.

Used without permission.
Lance Mountain – Lake Havasu- Blue Tile Obsession’s typical fare.

BlueTileObsession – My friend Tab turned me on to this one. Though it’s been a couple of years since I’ve dropped into a bowl, I do miss it. Once a pool skater, always a pool skater.

The One Minute Manager – I recently took two interns onboard and am working on getting better at outsourcing (I’m busy). The One Minute Manager is one of those classic management books that (supposedly) everyone reads. It was a best seller for God’s sake.

Faz Um, Claudia Leite’s single for the World Cup in Rio. I’ve been told it’s a very bad piece of Brazilian pop music. I don’t care. I love it right now.

The Pharrell Happy video. Are you sick of it yet? I’m not but ask me in a week or two.