What!? DNA Extraction and Replication in Captain Underpants? Yes, It’s True.

I love it when my boys are exposed to the next generation of biotechnology in fiction. So I was surprised and very happy when I came across a mention in Dav Pilkey’s “eleventh epic” Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000.

CaptainUnderpants11thBookThis section even involves DNA extraction and replication, with mention of “membrane lipids, proteins and RNA. Read on:

Fortunately, Melvin’s Li’l Scientist Wristwatch had a built-in DNA extractor. Melvin inserted the filthy toenail into his watch and programmed a complete extraction procedure while the Turbo Toilet 2000 chased him back through town.

As Melvin ran screaming, his watched quickly pulverized and sonicated the toenail cells, removed their membrane lipids, proteins and RNA, and purified and isolate a single strand of Mr. Krupp’s DNA.

When Melvin reached his bedroom laboratory, he quickly fed the results into his Mecha-Computer, which identified the metallo-organic, “super-powered” substance and began replicating¬† it in a saline gel solution. The gel percolated slowly as it oozed into a glass beaker.

“Hurry up, you dumb semconservative genome replication device!” shouted Melvin as the Turbo Toilet 2000 crashed through his bedroom wall…

…With one final, desperate thrust, Melvin grabbed the beaker and chugged down its green, glowing content

I won’t spoil what Melvin is trying to isolate from that filthy fingernail but I will tell you the results are pretty awesome.

If you’re not familiar with Captain Underpants, here’s a link to the wiki page summarizing the epic series. You might want to know that is full of puerile boy humor, is very, very funny, and enjoyed by boys (and probably some girls) young and old.

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