Nag Nag Nag: Cabaret Voltaire vs Akufen’s (karaoke slam mix)

It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve posted anything music related, so I offer up a contrast of sorts.

Here’s Cabaret Volataire‘s brilliant Nag Nag Nag from their 1980 Live at the YMCA album. Simple distorted guitars, bristling synthesizer electronics, this was early – but still danceable – industrial music no doubt inspired by the Cold War and Sheffield*’s urban decay.

Some 30 years later, Montreal’s Akufen remixes the song and aptly titles it the Karaoke Slam remix. When I email him to compliment him on the mix, Marc LeClair answers “musics just getting crazier and crazier.” Not sure I agree with his sentiment but I love the remix.


* I didn’t know this but in researching Sheffield, I also learned the city spawned The Human LeagueHeaven 17ABCClock DVA, and is home to the legendary Warp Records.