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Pilot Iroshizuku Chikurin Bamboo Forest Ink [3×5.10]

What $100 purchase in the past 6 months has positively impacted your life?*  A bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-rin Bamboo Forest green ink. I’ve used green ink in my Lamy 2000 on-off over the years but I’d never tried one of Pilot’s. Over the years I’ve used inks from Lamy, Mount Blanc, Parker, Pelikan, and […]

Why I Keep A Journal

I’ve been keeping a journal for more than 25 years. I should say “mostly keeping a journal” because there have been periods of time where I haven’t written in a journal regularly – though probably, I was writing just not in a journal. At the pace of one page per day, that’d come to 9,132 pages […]