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What is Strategy?

Strategy is simple. Strategy is not a fact, a forecast, a plan. It’s not tactics. It’s not a technology. Strategy is your goal. It’s your destination. It’s your view of the future that you choose. It should be your guiding framework for what you hope to become. Strategy is high level.   (Image: Go the Game. Source:

The Pool at 4 A.M.

My father’s pool is, was, and always will be –– all skaters agree –– absurd. The pale blue surface is very hard, durable, very fast, and sentient. The coping is a great grindable bullnose. The shape is a perfect kidney, just under nine-feet deep. To ride the pool from one lip to the other across […]

Why I Write (Or How I Started Writing)

“Two hundred years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the minds of 11 year old that could see that potential.” – C.R. Stecyk My first stories were skateboarding stories inspired by C. R. Stecyk‘s Skateboarder Magazine articles, his fabrication and chronicling of the Dogtown’s Z-boys’ […]

Why I Keep A Journal

I’ve been keeping a journal for more than 25 years. I should say “mostly keeping a journal” because there have been periods of time where I haven’t written in a journal regularly – though probably, I was writing just not in a journal. At the pace of one page per day, that’d come to 9,132 pages […]

Regret? Is It Even Worth It? | Observation

Is it productive to regret the hours, days, months, even years you spent stressed out of your mind? The days you were worried about world events that you had no influence on? That you could never even hope to influence? The days when you were anxious over your career’s trajectory? Nervous about your finances and the […]

Minecraft for Teaching Biotech | Minecraft Biotech

Minecraft could be the ultimate biotech learning tool. Kids that play the game are already used to crafting – taking blocks of stone, wood, ore and creating novel tools and materials on a crafting table – and brewing – creating potions by adding ingredients to water bottles in a brewing stand. It would only take a […]