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Teaching Biotech With Minecraft Is Easy

Minecraft could be the ultimate biotech learning tool.

Kids that play the game are already used to crafting – taking blocks of stone, wood, ore and creating novel tools and materials on a crafting table – and brewing – creating potions by adding ingredients to water bottles in a brewing stand.

Using Minecraft to Teach Biotech is Only a Mod Away

It would only take a mod to make it easy to extracting DNA from every living organism in the game, then mixing/remixing those genomes. TeamDNA’s Advanced Genetics was one of the first mods to add genetic science to Minecraft.

TeamDNA dropped the project (because they had other projects to work on) but it’s just a matter of time before sheep get the Creeper hiss, Skeleton Archer’s DNA makes cows, pigs and sheep shed their skin and entire biomes are transformed through the simple addition of glow stone-mutated zombie DNA.



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