Avoid Obsolete Technologies


The 1979 Powell ad stuck to my 14-year-old self’s brain and still sticks the way a good song does.

There’s Ray “Bones” Rodriguez, big grin on his face, holding his signature model skateboard in front of a burning car.

“Is it functional or just another high-gloss, high-hype rip off…?

Provocative question, isn’t it?

“Now scrutinize a Powell precision product…

Scrutinize. Not “examine,” “inspect” or “study” Scrutinize – a twenty-dollar word. Precision, like a Swiss watch.

The difference you see are the differences between the future and the past…”

An obsolete technology is a memory.

Eight-track tapes. Cassettes. Vinyl records. Floppy disks. Mini-discs. CDs. The list of dead media is long, growing longer. Obsolete technologies to be avoided.


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