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Games in Our Biotech Future

To make biotech a game, as suggested by Freeman Dyson‘s essay, Our Biotech Futures, requires a deep understanding of cellular processes and enough artificial intelligence to accurately translate DNA in real time. Even if faulty, inaccurate, or dangerous, the game must make it fun to play with a DNA sequence that is translated into amino […]

More About Me

Sacramento-born to Panamanian parents from different sides of Volcan Barú.. Raised in Ventura. Educated in Riverside, and Boulder and Boston. Settled and built a family in Brooklyn, where I write science fiction about emerging biotechnologies, drugs and cures, the business of improving human health and engineering life. (1.100)

It’s Complicated

I was just in Panama for the unveiling of this monument.That’s my grandfather’s name, Karl Schmieder, right there on the plaque. And here’s the mass grave he’s buried in along with nine other victims of the 1941 massacre. It’s a complicated story that I’ve never written about but David Fishlow has. I’ll write about this […]

Biofabricate 2014

Q. What are the ways you can tell a good event from a great event? A. The people. The presentations. And the fact that no one wants to leave. Early in December, I attended the first Biofabricate conference at Microsoft’s NYC office. Organized by Biocouture’s Suzanne Lee, SynBioBeta’s John Cumbers, and Microsoft’s Tereza Nemessanyi, the event […]

What!? DNA Extraction and Replication in Captain Underpants? Yes, It’s True.

I love it when my boys are exposed to the next generation of biotechnology in fiction. So I was surprised and very happy when I came across a mention in Dav Pilkey’s “eleventh epic” Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000. This section even involves DNA extraction and replication, with mention […]

Three Pool Rhumba – Now Available

For some, the technologies to bioengineer skateboards exist today. But when biohacked boards and living wheels ride the sentient pools will new issues arise? What if you believe, fundamentally, that synthetic biology goes against the laws of nature? Three Pool Rhumba provides six brief glimpses of a world inhabited by skateboarders and biohackers. Enjoy your […]

On the F-Train

She’s carrying her new eyeballs in a Styrofoam box on the crowded uptown F train, is jostled, drops the box and it opens, eyeballs rolling zig-zag across the floor, hitting heels and sandal-clad feet, eliciting loud “Ohmigods” and “What the?” as she screams “My eyes!”