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The King of Distractions. A Confession.

  I’ve been the king of excuses and distractions. The expert of hiding behind work and business drama, family and online shopping. New ideas for books, novels and other businesses appear, get started but never finished… It’s no wonder the muse has stopped visiting. What about you? (6.100)

Avoid Obsolete Technologies

The 1979 Powell ad stuck to my 14-year-old self’s brain and still sticks the way a good song does. There’s Ray “Bones” Rodriguez, big grin on his face, holding his signature model skateboard in front of a burning car. “Is it functional or just another high-gloss, high-hype rip off…? Provocative question, isn’t it? “Now scrutinize […]

More About Me

Sacramento-born to Panamanian parents from different sides of Volcan Barú.. Raised in Ventura. Educated in Riverside, and Boulder and Boston. Settled and built a family in Brooklyn, where I write science fiction about emerging biotechnologies, drugs and cures, the business of improving human health and engineering life. (1.100)